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The Crossing (Michael Connelly)

The Crossing (Harry Bosch) - Michael Connelly

Connelly's Bosch is one of my favorite series -- twenty books in and I still find any new one to be compelling. I love Bosch more than Connelly's Haller -- I always prefer the Order part of Law & Order. I haven't even finished Haller's last book! While Haller makes an appearance here -- considering he is the one hiring now-retired Bosch to look for new angle and information regarding a murder case that Haller represented -- but this is still at its core Bosch's book.

There are no real 'mystery' about the villains' identity -- we already know who they are going in, although Connelly still keeps the 'reason' of the villains are doing it. What is fun is reading about this new chapter in Bosch's life. With the whole problem with Bosch suing the LAPD after he left the department last year, I don't think he will ever return to the Open-Unsolved division. So this is Bosch Retired. And he finds himself at the 'crossing' of his life, working for a defense attorney. It's one of the ultimate sins for a homicide detective to do; crossing over to the dark side, helping a murderer walks.

Even if Bosch thinks that Haller's client is innocent, even if Bosch thinks that he accepts the case because it means the real murderer is still out there, but everyone will not think of him the same. This dilemma is VERY engaging to read especially because it doesn't stop Bosch to keep digging and finding out the truth. It's what he does best, and he does it really well.

I also liked how Connelly seems to shape a 'new generation' of Bosch with his daughter, Molly. She has become quite important part of Bosch's latest books and I enjoy reading about the father-daughter relationship. I wasn't sure about the possible-romantic angle though. I mean, Bosch books CAN survive without any romantic entanglement.

So yes, this one is another winner. ALTHOUGH, I did have the same niggle as my friend Elaine ...

since Bosch showed that he could take pictures with his own phone, why did he still use the photocopy machine to copy Ellis and Long photos? He could just use his own phone, took pictures, and then zoomed in the photos if he wanted to show them to other people. It was pretty reckless and I've read quite enough to know that it always ends up giving people's clues about someone doing something they are not supposed to. Especially with machine that uses code to operate.

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