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Crash Plus Expenses (Astrid Amara)

Crash Plus Expenses - Astrid Amara

2.75 stars rounded up

I love Amara's writing, I really do. She is basically my auto-read author (oh, except when she writes high fantasy, but that's more because I don't favor reading the genre). However, Crash Plan Plus Expenses had quite of extreme occasions that I rarely find in contemporary romance that I ended up being distant through out.

I mean, let's see, we had airplane crash where only Connor and Dan survived, we had BEAR at one point, and

Connor's family being part of a religious cult, he was tortured when he wanted to leave, then he put the pastor in prison for tax fraud, theft, embezzlement, and narcotics, and Connor still worried that the cult will return to retaliate

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. On top of that, I also found it a little bit creepy for Dan to fall in love with his subject, especially when he

listed all those things he loved about Connor, which some of those clearly a result of him observing Connor due to his work.

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It was difficult for to connect with everything because it was a little bit too much, you know? Even if I also knew this was a work of fiction. I'm a type of reader who needs to feel some kind of emotional attachments to the plot and characters to fully enjoy the reading experience -- and this one didn't give me that. Which was why I could only consider it as an 'okay' read.

I do know that Amara will release a sequel for this one, a kind of Hanukkah romance story in December. I hope that one will work better for me ...