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Books, Bulls, And Bacchanals (Angel Martinez)

Books, Bulls, And Bacchanals - Angel Martinez

I have enjoyed Martinez's tale of Greek gods in this Brandywine Investigations series, and was excited when I found out that Dionysus finally got his own story. Dio was -- well, wild. I mean, he was the god of wine and orgies!! So I was curious about the one who would be able to capture Dio's heart.

And I must applaud Martinez once again since she seems able to bring out interesting and unique relationship ... because guess who Leander is? He's a minotaur ... yep, THE minotaur. The bull that is part of the Greek myth of Theseus and the Labyrinth *gleeful*. But there was nothing assertive about Leander at all. In fact, he was a reticent being -- he is pretty much living in the quiet peaceful Eternal Library, with his books and his red panda assistants (lovingly named as characters from Austen's books).

Yes, people ... the Wild God of Orgies and Reticent Virgin Bull... Who knew? They actually worked :)

I did have trouble to get immersed into the story in the beginning. Probably because Dio's thoughts felt too scattered for me to follow. It improved when Leander finally made his appearance though. Leander was such a darling :). It just made sense and I thought the relationship was adorable.

There was a 'slight' mystery because one of the secondary characters was murdered at the library, but it wasn't the spotlight of this story. I didn't mind though, maybe because it was what happened in book #1 and #3 anyway, despite the series name (which include the word "Investigations").

All in all, I was happy with this one. Now I wonder if Martinez will return to this world. I will be happy reading about other Greek gods...