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Seducing Stephen (Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon)

Seducing Stephen - Summer Devon, Bonnie Dee

I just finished The Merchant and the Clergyman and felt that I didn't want to leave the 'historical MM world' yet. I saw that I still had this book by Dee & Devon that I hadn't read yet, so decided to pick it up.

Unfortunately, it felt a little bit too 'classic Harlequin-esqe' -- of young virgin man with an experienced older man trope -- for my taste. I'm not saying that 'Harlequin-esqe' is bad but it also not what I'm looking for in my romance these days. The whole teaching Stephen the world of sex thing results in too many sex scenes that just bored me to death.

In addition, there was a time jump between the first time Peter and Stephen met to later, where Stephen grew up to be more confident and Peter to be the 'romantic' who wanted to settle down, so the process of getting there happened off page. For me as a reader, it didn't feel convincing.

Bottom line, while I thought it was nice but it was lacking the feels I have for the authors' more recent stories.