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A Copper Ridge Christmas (Maisey Yates)

A Copper Ridge Christmas - Maisey Yates

I enjoyed Yates' "Copper Ridge" series -- and I am happy to find out that there will be more books coming next year -- so I welcomed this Christmas novella with open arms. I didn't remember whether Holly and Ryan made appearance in the novel, though, but I liked the idea of foster siblings. Heck, I wanted to read more romance stories that started in foster care.

Both Holly and Ryan didn't have a good childhood before they became foster kids. Ryan came from an abusive family while Holly's mother neglected her. I could definitely see why Holly wanted to have the Christmas party for her foster parents -- but I still didn't understand why Ryan was so reluctant. Was he simply being a grinch or was there a different reason altogether? Because he clearly thought his foster parents were good people...

I liked their banters and the difference in their personality. All in all, it was a nice addition to the series.