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Ghosts of Halloween Past (M.D. Grimm)

Ghosts of Halloween Past (The Shifters) - M.D. Grimm

3.5 stars

Travis and Jack first appeared in Blind Devotion, book #3 of M.D. Grimm's The Shifters story -- and while I didn't have a very good memory about what happened, but I did remember both of them because one fact. Travis was blind in that story, so it stood out. This 'sequel' had both Travis and Jack in the 'past' when on a dare, they explored an abandoned mill, as well as in the present time, with Travis and Jack had been a couple of two years.

I liked reading about established couple and updates about their life after that supposedly happy ending. I was happy that Jack and Travis were still going strong in such a loving relationship. I liked reading Jack being grumpy about Halloween and Travis seemed to be amused with it. But that would be a less-thrilling type of the story, wouldn't it?

Well, this was when the 'past' played its role. When two boys were missing when playing at the abandoned mill, as a sheriff, Jack was called in. And it brought back the ghost experience. I thought the ghost part was pretty creepy and I liked learning about something bad that happened in that mill.

Oh, and my favorite couple of this series, Xavier and Josh also made appearance! I always loved reading about them. Josh was still SUCH a darling :)

I did have difficulty with the timeline though. I am not usually fussy on details, because I admit I'm not good at them. However, my mind couldn't stop calculating. The 'past' event was written as "seven years earlier". Travis has only been in Haven for about a year. From the way that part was written, I assumed that both Travis and Jack were both teenagers. Maybe 16-17 years old? That would mean the "present day" will bring Travis and Jack at the age of early 20's. But they had been together for two years?

So I checked Blind Devotion just to make sure -- and well, in that story, Jack was already 30 years old. So that would mean that Jack was actually 32 years old in this. But seven years ago, that would make Jack 25 years old except he sounded much younger. So that didn't add up *scratch head*. Oh well...