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I Need A Hero (Codi Gary)

I Need a Hero: A Men in Uniform Novella - Codi Gary

3.25 stars

This is my first experience with Codi Gary and I think I will add check out the next book for sure. While there was a pretty heavy sexual attraction in the beginning -- which I usually didn't care about -- but I admit that I was easily taken with the concept of Alpha Dog training, in addition to a dog named Beast which Oliver ended up with. That dog has a character! There was one scene involving Beast that just grabbed my heart and my highlight of the book.

Wait? My highlight of the story was with the dog? How about the romance?

Well, the romance was okay, it was good enough to start the series. However with this being a novella, everything happened a little bit fast and not enough character or relationship development. I come to expect that which was why I thought the best part was with the dog *grin*