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Unscripted (Nico Jaye)

Unscripted (Heartsville) - Nico Jaye

So ... I was strolling along nicely, enjoying the set-up of what I expected to be some sort of enemies-to-lovers novella, and then BAM, about 20% into the story, when Teddy was confronting Carter in their first meeting (Carter was planning to sell the theater that Teddy loved so much, and they were both co-owners, per the will of Carter's Uncle) ... Carter just did it to Teddy. Right then. Calling Teddy "pup" even.

URGH!! *crunched nose in disgust*

Sorry, my mood just dropped below zero. I skimmed the rest because for me it was the point of no return. Everything afterwards just going downhill. DON'T LIKE.

Done with it. Delete it from my Kindle. NEXT!

PS: I sincerely hope that the rest of the novellas in this series are better for me. Oh, and I don't give rating below 2* unless I hated the story. I disliked this but not to the point where I hated it. So there you go.