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Winter Oranges (Marie Sexton)

Winter Oranges - Marie Sexton
Winter Oranges is a lovely romance story doused with magical realism -- and of course, what better time to believe in something magical than nearing the holiday, am I right?

Jason Walker purchased a house in a relatively secluded area in the mountainous region of Idaho in order to get away from his life in Hollywood. But he soon finds out that he is not exactly alone in that big house. There is a young man who "haunts" the place. But he is not a ghost though. He is an almost twenty-year-old young man (he would turn 21 in June) born in 1840. His name is Ben. And oh, he lives inside this magical snow globe.

I found Ben to be so very endearing. He has this innocent-like optimism that just brings joy and laughter in every single small things. He is such precious young soul -- and for Jason, being with Ben put things into perspective. Yes, Jason is jaded with Hollywood, he doesn't know whether he wants to continue acting, he feels heartbroken because he thinks that he's in love with his best friend Dylan and it's being with one-sided. But here's a young man who has been trapped inside a globe for 150 years, and can still appreciate little things. Who thinks that watching soap opera and bad horror movies to be his best day ever? Well, it's easy to fall in love with Ben, and that was what happened with Jason of course.

The only thing that I didn't like was the sex scenes. I thought they were awkward and somehow disrupted the tender loving flow of the story. It felt a little bit too much for my liking. If I can try to describe how it feels, it will be like seeing this lovely white-ish color painting to be smeared with blotch ugly colors. Maybe it has something to do with my being asexual -- or maybe I just tend to like less-to-no sex scenes at all. In any case, that was the one thing that just, well, yanked me out of the story, every single time. Of course that would be a particular case for me, and I'm sure majority of the readers will not find it a problem *smile*

In overall, I thought this to be a typical Marie Sexton. A little bit fluffy, a little bit sappy, a little bit angsty. But it all wrapped up in one good reading experience (and just the right feel for moi).

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