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Betrothed: A Faery Tale (Therese Woodson)

Betrothed: A Faery Tale - Therese Woodson

3.5 stars

It took me a little while to get into the story -- I guess the combination between all the faeries names (I have troubles when boks have weird names and customs, one of the reasons I avoid high fantasy and sci-fi genre) and Puck being a mischievous selfish brat didn't exactly lure me in smoothly. Puck threw tantrums without thinking of the troubles he brought into his kingdom, his people, and his Queen mother. I think I got the groove of the story when I realized that Puck and Sky were going to spend more time in the human world and it was more about Puck and Sky learning about each other. I warmed up to Puck afterwards and I liked that he realized what he had done.

I loved Sky immediately, though -- he was noble, determined, and endearing. I also found him quite surprising because well, apparently even if Sky was a virgin of the human world, and I had delightful time reading about Sky trying to adapt and navigate this new place, but he wasn't a virgin in 'THAT' sense, you know? He also wasn't fragile. In fact, Sky showed that there were more than meets the eye, and I was wholeheartedly entertained by that.

I wasn't really sure about the 'mystery/threat' aspect though. It felt like it was introduced quickly but then also diffused quickly. What was the point of that threat? Because in the end, it didn't do anything to the whole story-line. I wonder if this was a hook for a sequel, that we would find out more about that situation in the next book? Or not. If it's not, well, then for me that plot had potential but it wasn't effectively executed.