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His Fragile Heart (Jamie Lynn Miller)

His Fragile Heart  - Jamie Lynn Miller

2.5 stars

Well -- it was nice, until I had a feeling like I knew the story before from somewhere and then I read this review. I watched that movie long time ago (I was loving David Duchovny at one time -- you know, being a fan of The X-Files)

While it might be just a case of 'heavily inspired by' factor or some sort of movie fusion trope that we can find on fan fiction world... BUT I couldn't help the feeling of disappointment when I noticed an exact copy (word for word) between the letter in that movie and the letter that Justin had written here. There were also few similarities that I now remembered from the movie.

That other review said that there were lines or expressions that were also copy/paste from the movie. I didn't recognize them but the wordings of the letter you could easily found on the movie's trivia page at IMDb.

So ... three stars for the story but I needed to reduce the rating for the fact.