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Rules of Prey (John Sandford)

Rules Of Prey - John Sandford

This is my first John Sandford (and Lucas Davenport book). It is a decent mystery -- I'm not exactly mindblown with it but I do think that it has the potential to develop. Of course, this is also was released back in 1989 and there are 20+ books afterwards so there MUST be developments *lol*.

Anyway, Lucas Davenport. Office of Special Intelligence. Killed five men in the line of duty. Game inventor. And an only cop in Minnesota who drove Porsch to work. What did I think of him? He was a jackass *lol*. Seriously. Lucas was a womanizer and he definitely not scared of skirting the rules. But he got his man, and I did admire Lucas when it came to him working his street-network. I wasn't impressed with the women surrounding Lucas -- they were annoying and I almost wished that they were the victims as well. I also thought the whole schemes with Lucas pretty much manipulating (although it was sort of a working 'relationship'?) the media took away the suspense/thrills of the serial killing.

But all in all, it was a good start for me with Lucas Davenport's life. So I would definitely check out the next book.