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Dashing Through The Snow (Debbie Macomber)

Dashing Through the Snow: A Christmas Novel - Debbie Macomber

2.5 stars

This is not my first Macomber -- I read her Harlequin books years ago! -- but definitely the first after so many years. I'm starting to see those holiday books around this time of year (their covers are always so pretty!) and I feel like I'm up for something light and Christmas-y plus this book promised road trip. Well, in that sense I thought this book did have it. It was light -- two stranger forced into sharing a car trip to Seattle in time for Christmas. Some of the banters were nice. Don't forget the dog. Of course there must be dog, right?

But the rest of the sheenanigans just seemed too silly for me (even if I was prepared for some over-the-top plots). The FBI Agents felt two-dimensional almost to a point of caricaturish (in the end, one of them appears to have a mental breakdown!). And I was annoyed that the FBI agents get on-page screentime, as well as these two teenagers who contributed to the whole fiasco at one time, but we didn't have anything from Dash's perspective. He is the hero, for cryin' sake.

I heard that this book would be made into a Hallmark TV Movie -- maybe it would translate better that way. The POV switch will be more natural (as the camera switch). But in this case, I wasn't satisfied.