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Diamonds (Nash Summers)

Diamonds - Nash Summers

When I found out that Nash Summers would be releasing the next story of Maps Wilson, I was excited. Maps was pretty unique as a character. I always pictured him a tad of young Sheldon Cooper. Genius, smart, but can be condescending towards others, socially challenged, and exasperating. But lovable -- can be lovable.

In this sequel, Maps is missing Lane (even if he vehemently denies it) because Lane is staying at baseball camp. Maps also needs to find a job because his parents demand it - oh the travesty! So Maps is navigating his life and the feeling he develops for his pale-blonde-haired pear-green eyes gap-tooth baseball boy next-door.

And it was a delight to read. I would actually love to read more about the (horrible) adventures of Maps finding a job. I thought those would be hilarious to read -- based on two disasters that Maps getting himself into *haha*. Although I also feel sorry for Maps' coworkers ^^.

I also wished that Lane would be more present -- this is book two after all. I think Lane keeps Maps grounded -- he has his way to tone down Maps patronizing behavior. I guess Maps become more tolerable when Lane is around. However, I can't deny that separation makes heart grows fonder because I think Maps and Lane are stronger this time around, despite Maps' being his usual drama king. I mean, those sweet words in the end were just perfect ...

Lane just smiled. “So, can we be school boyfriends too?”
Maps nodded. “Yep. And baseball game boyfriends.”
“And science boyfriends.”
“And cyborg boyfriends, one day.”
“Hopefully one day soon. Cyborgs are cool.”
“But mostly hand-holding boyfriends. Those are the most important kind.”

Oh, I liked the addition of a new secondary character here, Perry. I meant, he was a good addition plus he helps making things right for Maps and Lane. Besides, I thought that Maps' circle of friends could grow other than Lane and Benji. Of course, those people might have to be able to deal with Maps, uhm, quirkiness... but it would be lovely, right?

The ARC is generously provided by the author. She said no need for review, but I gave one anyway. I solemnly swear that this is a fair and honest review. No high rating is required for any ARC received.