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Bless Us With Content (Tinnean)

Bless Us With Content - Tinnean

2.75 stars stretching it to 3-stars

Picked this up because my friend Lada gave this 4-stars. Guess I should've learned that her taste and mine could be worlds apart *lol*.

I didn't dislike it, but I was indifferent with it. My thoughts have been captured by several reviews -- LenaLena, ElaineY, and Jenre.

Basically I thought ...

- I would like to understand more about Geo's motives. He suddenly came out of nowhere, proposed Ashton that way, and then missing for big chunk of the story. He didn't came alive in anyway for me.

- I wish Ashton could stand up to the women (or anyone else in his life, after his horrible uncle died) a lot quicker. Oh, I know that this supposed to be some sorts of journey of Ashton growing up but his personality just didn't charm me. I guess I wasn't impressed by Ashton allowing himself to be bullied -- sure, he probably couldn't fight the three Hoods brothers, but against his aunt and Arabella? Plus, too much pining and carrying the baggage of the world on his shoulder *shrugs*. The only time I thought Ashton had potential to charmed me was when he was dealing with the horses.

- On that note, why ALL the female characters are awful? Seriously? I want to bitch-slap them all, especially that spoiled Arabella and Juliet. REALLY!

Last but not least ... the ol' English writing totally not my cuppa tea.