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The Wicked Flee (Matthew Iden)

The Wicked Flee (A Marty Singer Mystery Book 5) - Matthew Iden

I read Matthew Iden's explanation of The Wicked Flee and why he wrote it differently than the previous four books; to challenge himself as an author. The Wicked Flee only covered several hours as Marty and his friend Chuck Rhee try to track Rhee's missing younger sister, Lucy. It is also written in SEVERAL point of views from various characters (all using third person narrative) including Marty's (still in first person).

I appreciated Iden's attempt -- unfortunately, I thought the story lacks of Marty Singer himself. He's not in the book enough -- in my opinion -- and well, I guess I missed him, and his dry humor. I also missed his adopter daughter, Amanda. I liked that I finally knew more about Rhee, but I didn't exactly read the book for Rhee. The writing is good but this is (sadly) my least favorite book in Marty Singer's series.

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