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Pull Down the Sun (Danni Keane)

Pull Down the Sun - Danni Keane

3.5 stars

The first part that tells the subsequent years of Tom and Jacob meeting at the beach, from age of 8 to age 18, and the last year when Jacob just disappeared ... well, I loved that part. It was beautiful; it built up the story and emotion wonderfully. I was there from the beginning, a witness of their friendship, the small moments, their kiss, their first attempt at sex, and the broken heart. It did wonders to my heart.

However, the second part, the ten years after ... somehow it lacks the emotional pull of the first part. Maybe because to me, it felt like it happened quicker, less of momentum built? I mean, I liked that Tom didn't just accept Jacob's apology which then led to the reveal but I wanted to read more.

I especially would love to know more about Jacob. I would love to see him more fleshed out after the ten years being apart from Tom. And, I guess I wanted to see a more happier ending, something more promising at least than a (what I categorized as) happy for now. It gave me good feels but just (not yet) the feels, if that makes sense.