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Who Knows The Dark (Tere Michaels)

Who Knows the Dark (The Vigilante Book 2) - Tere Michaels

** Reader's Advisory: Cliffhanger Ending **

Who Knows the Dark takes up immediately where “Who Knows the Storm” left off – meaning that you cannot exactly read this without reading the first book. Cade, Nox, Sam, Mason, Rachel, and Damian, are heading towards Cade’s family farm in South Carolina, after the destruction of Iron Butterfly Casino. They need to regroup before figuring out what to do next, considering that they are practically persons of interest...

Truthfully, I was rather underwhelmed with this sequel. I felt that things were going nowhere; to quote Nox himself, "We have a lot more questions than answers". These characters spend a lot of time in the book either thinking inside their head, muttering about things, or reminiscing about the past.

And there were a lot of those... Nox struggling with his secret (and whether he should tell Sam), Nox thinking of going back to New York City to find answers and clear his name, Cade feeling upset because Nox is playing martyr, Rachel thinking about her past of being Jenny, while Sam and Mason are navigating the case of first love amidst Sam recuperating.

Okay, it might not be completely true, because at least Nox finally told Sam about the truth of his identity, and we also got a huge clue to whom was responsible for keeping Nox alive all these years – but still, for a sequel, I felt like these characters didn’t really do anything SIGNIFICANT.

In fact, the most valuable player in this book is not part of the initial ragtag team ... he is LJ Creel, Cade’s older brother. He proves to be very resourceful, providing new information, hacking accounts, and just being all around awesome. LJ pretty much lifted this book up for me – him, as well as our young lovers, Sam and Mason.

A big warning … this book ends in a cliffhanger. So if you are one of those readers who hate it, I recommend waiting for the next book to be released.

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