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One More Kiss (Kim Amos)

One More Kiss - Kim Amos

I first met Betty and Randall in the previous two novels of this series. In book #1, I found out that Randall Sondheim, pastor of the town’s Lutheran church was interested in Betty Lindholm, owner of local fabric store. Then in book #2, I discovered that they had married. So it was really love to finally able to read their story.

Being a novella length, I was ready for a condensed version — which is kind of too bad, I think, since I rarely read a contemporary romance with a Lutheran pastor as the hero — of their love story. I was ready with a lower expectation. Unfortunately, I still wish there is more pages *sigh*.

The story opens in the present time, when Betty discovers that she is pregnant. On the brink of telling her husband about it, they remember what finally put them together — the fiasco of a typo on Betty’s ordered banner for her store during Halloween more than a year ago. I thought it was sweet reading how Randall thought Betty was wonderful. But the length of the story doesn’t do justice in exploring more thoroughly about Randall’s tragedy or even put Randall and Betty in more scenes together. Because of that, I thought the ending felt rather rushed for me.

Nonetheless, I was happy with the progress of their marriage. I will definitely enjoy reading updates on their parenthood in the future books *cross fingers*.

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