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All I Want (Jill Shalvis)

All I Want  - Jill Shalvis

I am going to say this outright – I love Jill Shalvis’ men. I really do. I know that some girls prefer bad boys, but they never really do anything for me when I read my romance. I prefer reading about good men with senses of humor, who are easy-going, fun, adorable with pets, and protective without being overbearing. Even if they’re being idiots (because men could do that, let’s admit it), Shalvis’ heroes usually know how to make up for it.

Parker James is an addition to Shalvis’ men whom I’m smitten with and why this book is a delightful romance that I wholeheartedly enjoyed. Yep, Shalvis delivers another winner. From the moment that he appears on page, and how he charmingly deals with Zoe kissing him and then slamming the door in his face (Zoe mistakenly thinks that Parker is her blind date), I was pulled into Parker’s gravity. He’s a solid guy and is perfect for the pragmatic Zoe.

Sure, I thought he was an idiot with his determination of catching the smuggler – on that note, I felt that this plot was really flimsy and didn’t fit with the tone of the whole romance – but Parker does better things to make me feel happy with the rest of the book. How can I not? The way that he befriends Zoe’s rescued dog, Oreo, or temporarily adopts two kittens made my heart sing! But I think the major winning point is how Parker deals with his younger sister – you need to read it yourself and you will understand why.

As for Zoe, the older sister of Wyatt and Darcy (who both have their own stories in previous books), I loved her independent streak (even if it borders to stubborn *laugh*). I always like the idea of an older sister – maybe because I am one – who takes care of her siblings, even if she gets her romance story a little bit later than the others. Although I have to admit that, for me, Parker (alongside Oreo and the two kittens) hogged the spotlight from Zoe.

I wonder if Shalvis will return to Sunshine, Idaho for another Animal Magnetism book. We still have the Sheriff who hasn’t gotten his own love *wink* ...

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