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Threshold (Vivien Dean)

Threshold - Vivien Dean

While I had no problem with Dean's writing (I love her writing), and I thought Sutter and Max have good chemistry, but the story suffers from "less action talk only" case. Since Sutter seems to be running from very big bad guys, and he arrives at the motel bleeding (which leads to Max taking care of him), I was expecting threats looming from every corner. But it never really escalated to that point (except for a very quick scene near the end).

Sutter and Max talk a lot, going back and forth between their attraction and why Max refuses to act on it. With the tease about Sutter seems can enjoy to be submissive and those sexual tensions when Max puts on chains on him, I was also expecting a little sumthing-sumthing of bondage play. I got a bit bored with the flat tone, despite me liking both Sutter and Max as characters. It is promising but doesn't effectively deliver, which makes it just 'okay' for me ...

PS: There is a threesome scene, for those of you who need that kind of 'warning'