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The Right Time (Lane Hayes)

The Right Time (Right and Wrong Stories) - Lane Hayes

2.5 stars

I think I am part of the minority group who doesn't like this book. I just didn't like the couple... and MAINLY it had something to do with Alex.

This book is written from sole perspective of Nate Erickson. There is always something hugely appealing for me when the character seems to be aloof, not totally outgoing, prefer to be avoiding anything remotely social (except for closed friends), and dealing with pain or loss in an closed-off way. Maybe it's the introvert in me. So I did like Nate. As a character, I also thought Nate was pretty consistent throughout the book.

Alex, on the other hand, is a different story. I found him rather self-absorbed and all over the place. Alex makes everything to be about himself. The first time, when Alex accuses Nate of being racist, simply because Nate understands Spanish but doesn't speak it, I just crunched my head in confusion. Say what? He quickly judges Nate without asking why Nate doesn't practice Spanish? Then there are also asking Nate to be fake-boyfriend, so Alex could ease his father into his sexuality.

But the nail in the coffin for me is near the end when Alex discovers Nate's dead child, and instead of being understanding of Nate's PAINFUL experience, he makes it like Nate is lying to him. Well, excuuuse me Alex, but some people deal with pain and loss in his own way, okay? I sort of wish that at that moment, this story is about Nate reconnecting with his first love, Scott instead. Because somehow I thought the romance would be more meaningful, more emotional, something like Jake and Brandon from the previous book. I disliked it that Nate is the one to fix everything -- I kinda wanted to kick Alex out of the curb right about then.

I also need to write this opinion: most of the reviews that in favorable of this story like the sex scenes. I don't read romance for the sex. I skim a lot of sex scenes during my two decades reading romance -- and the fact that it's male/male sex scenes don't matter. I enjoy sex scenes when I feel for the characters; it should be something rewarding (in addition to the romance) rather that it's there just to add steamy level. Since I feel indifferent for Nate and Alex, I totally don't care for their sex scenes. Besides, I saw a couple of 'dirty talk' in it, and it turned me off real quick. I could see why MM readers enjoying the steamy level out of this, though.

On that note, I think this series doesn't do well for me (I only like book #2, both book #1 and this one are total misses). I think I will give up this series for good. Hayes' other series, Better Than, seem to work better for me in overall.