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Bowerbirds (Ada Maria Soto)

Bowerbirds (Nested Hearts Book 2) - Ada Maria Soto

I read this immediately after finished book #1 and I enjoyed it better.

I thought it offered a conflict, which I think was missing from book #1. We finally had the issue of economy/wealth gap between James and Gabriel. James, who have been independent all his life, even when he was a fifteen your old father, started to question about the 'wealth' factor in the relationship. He wanted to still be independent, he didn't know how to deal with Gabriel buying him stuffs. While it never escalated to something nasty and it was solved satisfactorily, but still it seemed to make the pace went faster.

The son was still the highlight of the book, though. It was really good reading about teenager son who had close relationship with his father, and sometimes even like a friend (because they are only fifteen years apart).

The ending is not exactly a cliffhanger but I think it also still opens a chance for further progress of James and Gabriel's relationship. I would love reading about them moving in together, now that Dylan is ready embracing the university world.