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Restless Spirits (Jordan L. Hawk)

Restless Spirits - Jordan L. Hawk

This is my second attempt reading this book. The first time was back earlier this year when it was just released. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind because I couldn't even pass Chapter 1. So I put it aside. Since then, a couple of my RL friends have read this: one liked it just okay, the other one didn't. So I got their opinions about it. Then book #2 was released couple of days ago and I thought I should give it a second look. This is Jordan L. Hawk's book, we're talking about :)

Well, it worked!! I guess sometimes a book needs the right 'moment' and this was one of the case.

I'm going to be honest, the main characters especially Henry Strauss and Elizabeth Devereux weren't easy to like. Henry was bordering snobbish and judgy towards all mediums while Elizabeth was also a bit cold. Duly noted they both had valid reasons to react like they did: Henry because he lost his family fortune to a fraud medium while Elizabeth had a totally different problem (which you must read by yourself, since I thought it was brilliant). Compared to them, I found Vincent Night was easier to like -- although the most darling character here was definitely Jo Strauss, Henry's black cousin slash assistant.

Having said that, because I have been pretty much 'warned' by those two friends of mine, I was also able to put a kind of 'distance' towards the characters. Meaning that I was able to enjoy the snappish behavior from Henry or Elizabeth as well as Henry's penchant to keep repeating that science was better than human as pure entertainment. I was actually amused with their rivalry and kept wondering who was going to 'win' the contest to get rid of the ghosts. I thought it was cute ^o^.

On top of that, I also very much enjoyed the ghost hunting part. It was creepy but it was good.

I'm looking forward to the next adventure of these people :)