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Where There's Smoke (Cari Z.)

Where There's Smoke - Cari Z.

- The idea of a city that is filled with super-powered guys, both Heroes and Villains
- Villain being the 'good' guy in this case, the love interest.
- Edward chooses to be with the villain; it's not like he's a huge fan of a Villain and wants to be part of their world

- For a love interest, Raul/The Mad Bombardier feels notably absent... there seemed to be more scenes with the creepy stalky Hero.
- The time jump after the first date -- it felt telling arther than showing. I'd love it better if I can be there with Edward and Raul during the early stage of their relationship.
- Since the story is written solely from Edward's perspective, I missed the exploration on Raul's mind and heart. How is it being a Villain who falls in love with ordinary human?
- It never really as gripping or gritty as I perceived to be (based on the cover)

Not sure if I want to check out the sequel. Let's clock that as "maybe"