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My Only Sunshine (Rowan McAllister)

My Only Sunshine - Rowan McAllister

3.5 stars

While the story started pretty dramatically -- with Tanner all worn out and hurt as he stumbled into Mason's family ranch, and later saw a horrific event of cow's killing -- but what followed was pretty straightforward (and may I say, rather low-key) romance. Yes, we had drama in form of Mason's bigoted father, but he also suffered from stroke and in a wheelchair, so we didn't have him shouting his disagreements. It was more of reading Mason's frustration due to that situation rather than facing with arguments and hatred.

Tanner and Mason connected nicely -- I was happy that Mason didn't get all work up over his age gap with Tanner, or the fact that Tanner was technically one of his employees. He only called Tanner "kid" a couple of times and Tanner corrected him on it (haha!).

The story did feel dragging in the middle though. Also, the 'mystery' regarding the perpetrators behind the animal killing was forgotten in the middle and only appeared a couple of more times in the last 1/3rd or so. Which was a slight disappointment since I thought the mystery could inject some excitement/thriller towards the lackluster feel.

However, in overall, it was a nice hurt/comfort story.