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Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts (Lyn Gala)

Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts - Lyn Gala

3.75 stars rounded up

Strangely fascinating (for someone who dislike sci-fi and alien in general ^^) with well-built alien culture that felt alien. The whole culture of the society, including the roles of the males and females was worth to get loss myself into. I mean, I struggled to get a grip of understanding about Rownt and the way of their live, but it was the good kind of struggle because I stayed curious throughout. I felt like learning a lot about these creatures and their living situation.

Although I slightly had issues with the romance (it felt rather lacking), and the courtship to be rather deficient, my biggest problem would definitely be the D/s culture, namely, well, I didn't really understand it. There were some things that made me uneasy and unsure about....

I honestly thought that Liam had a deep baggage for what he had going through before. He had a submissive nature but he was betrayed by others, and this would leave emotional scars. So, the way that Ondry 'forced' him to drink the potion and then took Liam as his palteia without Liam completely understood about the term just made me a little uneasy. I couldn't help thinking that it would not be good for Liam, psychologically speaking. Especially because Ondry and the Rownts are, well, aliens, and the whole different culture of D/s there (palteia was cherished in Ondry's planet) made it difficult for Ondry to understand the human's issues.

ALTHOUGH, I thought this would also make the relationship and the dynamic to be the kind in which both party would learn about each other, and that sounds like what a great partnership would be. So, in overall, I enjoyed this and looking forward to read the (novel) sequel.