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Macarons at Midnight (M.J. O'Shea and Anna Martin)

Macarons at Midnight - M.J. O'Shea, Anna  Martin

2.75 stars rounded up

I was in the mood for something light, nothing too complicated, nothing with too much drama. Something, well, nice. Since I know the writing style of both authors I thought this one fit the bill.

Well, it did ...

It has an adorable young English man who seemed couldn't fit in, in his working environment. It has a rich but laid-back, not wanting to be part of his parents' crowd baker (and owner). There is a cute serendipity as Tristan walks into Henry's bakery near midnight and ends up staying there while Henry are making macarons (picture a romantic TV movie of that scene while you're at it).

Then there's building the romance, some laughter and giggles, some sweet/mushy moments (might involve thinking of the other man constantly while at work, touching, hugging, attempting the British accent, the big sister teasing, the low-level steam sexing, calling each other with endearments...), and of course, some baking (damn it this book made me hungry!)

... except

I guess the whole set-up also felt too dull for me to enjoy (god damn it, woman, what do you want?!?). I know, I know, I might need little conflicts after all just to keep the interest going (because I started skimming around 30% or so). AND unfortunately NOT the kind of conflict introduced in the last 15% or so!

See to me, that kind of plot felt like the authors realized that they had not written any sort of a climax moment, and they needed to inject the adrenaline or something, and thought, "Hey, why not trying to break up Tristan and Henry with THAT (cliché) miscommunication problem". Come on, you'll know it for a mile, when someone working in advertising meets up with someone from very rich, powerful, with high influence family ... connect the dots please.

Yeah, so, that. Not exactly liking the humdrum progress, the late conflict arrival nor the rushed ending. Boo.

I rounded up the rating because of the recipes (and the fact that this book made me want to buy macarons!!). I might not want to bake them (not a baker NOR good at cooking) but it is cute!!

I also might still wants to check the sequel. Again, I know the writing of these authors, so there might be the right mood to try to read those.